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Five simple ways to speed up your metabolism
What is "metabolism" anyway?

Your metabolism is a big key player when it comes to losing weight and keeping it off
without problems. In simple terms, it's the process of converting calories into energy.

Slow metabolism means you burn fewer calories, and more fat gets stored.

Health and fitness advice about some very simple ways to boost your metabolism:

1)  Drink lots of water

Remember that in order to burn fat, your organs must
functioning well, and they want hydration to do that.  Drink at
least  64 ounces daily - more if you are overweight or if you engage in intense workouts.
If you don't be fond of plain water, try to drink it at different
temperatures, add lemon slices, or "sneak" it into other beverages
like diluting a 1/4 cup of fruit juice with 8 ounces of water. 

2)  Eat more often

One reason why your metabolism slows down is that you
not  eat often enough.  Are you one of those persons who can
go most of the day with no eating and then gorge on a huge meal
at dinner time? Awful idea!  Your body thinks you're starving so
slows down its burning of calories and you end up storing more
fat.  When you get on your way eating small portions of nutrient-dense foods
every 3 to 4 hours, your body kicks up the fat burning mechanism.

3)  Weight training

Even if you already do cardio workouts, you may want to include
a little weight training workouts a few times a week, because the more
lean muscle you come up with, the quicker your metabolism will be.  That's
because just having more muscle on your body requires more energy
to sustain, so you burn more calories. 

The wonderful thing about weight training is that you don't
need any fancy equipment to begin - you can use the resistance of
your own body by doing ab crunches, leg lifts, push-ups - or get a
small set of some dumbbells for added resistance.
However,consult your doctor to be sure weight training is safe for you -
and then be sure to educate yourself on proper form to prevent

4)  Stay away from sugar

Once you eat excessive amounts of sugar, your body routinely
shifts into fat storage mode.  Your blood sugar levels spike and
dip erratically and if this goes on for long enough, "insulin
resistance" can result - which means your body has a harder time
processing sugar and more of it will get stored as fat.|Dropping
your intake of refined sugar isn't hard,simply
replace those sugary treats with moderate servings of some fresh fruit
and vegetables, lean protein, and nuts and seeds.  Over time, your
cravings for sugar will disappear gradually - it's only when you
keep eating sugar that you keep craving it!

5)  Green tea

Green tea has long been believed to be a metabolism and fat
burning booster.  It does contain caffeine - but less than a third
of the caffeine in coffee.  Even better, green tea is loaded with
antioxidants that contribute to the prevention of cell damage,
which helps prevent serious diseases.

Bear in mind that boosting your metabolism isn't a one-time event,
but if you do things like the above on a regular basis, you can
prepare your body to function much more efficiently than it may be
doing currently.
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